The 10th China International Garden Expo is to be held in Wuhan, from September, 2015 to April 2016, by MOHURD (the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of.
        the People’s Republic of China) and the People’s Government of Hubei Province...... more>>
  • Contacts

  • Telephone: 0086-10-88364851
  • Liaisons:Hu yajing, Song huanzhi
  • Email:,
  • Jay Lee (North America region only)

About the Expo Creative Garden

The theme of the 10th Garden Expo this year is “Eco-Expo, Green Life”. Not divided according to geographic regions, the exhibition park will be arranged based on the following themes: “Landscape and Eco-Techniques”, “Landscape and Humanistic Arts”, “Landscape and Happy

  • Design Requirements

  • • The exhibition size will be 1000-2000 square meters.。
  • • The designs are expected to make full use of the environmental conditions and express the themes of both the Garden Expo and the solicitation
  • • The spatial compositions and design elements are encouraged to be designed independently, innovatively and freely.
  • • The project cost for each scheme should be less than 800 RMB per square meter.
  • Submission Requirements

  • • Participants shall provide registration materials (contact information, identification, major achievements and works) to designated local registration locations before June 10th,2014)
  • • garden before June 10th,2014, including renderings, master plans, landscape node information, design statements.
  • Awards

  • • 3 winners of the first prize, each of whom will be awarded 80,000 RMB; 6 winners of the second prize, each of whom will be awarded 50,000 RMB;11 winners of the third prize, each of whom will be awarded 20,000 RMB.
  • • Works of the first and second prize winners will be constructed in the creative garden area of the 10th China International Garden Expo. Designers will retain the right of authorship. The names of statements of the designers will be properly displayed after construction.